Oxygen Molecule Journey Through the Respiratory System

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Roscoe’s Journey
Through the Respiratory System
By: Carmen Ventura
Hi, my name is Roscoe. Let me tell you about my journey.

Carmen Ventura
Professor Bustamante

Roscoe’s Journey through the Respiratory System

Hi my name is Roscoe and I am an oxygen cell. I was told by my grandfather Gene that I was a very important cell. He told me that when someone takes a breath they take in all types of molecules in the air including myself. My grandfather was a very wise man and whenever he talked I listened.
“You will take a very important path around the body one day Roscoe,” my grandfather said to me. “Really grandpa,” I asked.
“Yes, through the Respiratory System,” he said.
The word Respiratory System sounded so cool to me so I had to ask, “What’s that?”
“The Respiratory System is the path that air travels through, into the lungs, to the blood and then to the heart,” he replied.
“One day you will travel through the blood stream to the rest of the body. On your path you will go through major veins and arteries until finally you arrive to your destination,” he continued. I was so excited about this journey I couldn’t wait. “When will it happen?” I asked my grandfather. “When the time is right my son,” he replied.
This is the story of my journey through the Respiratory System. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
The day started off like any other day. The sun was out, the sky was bright blue and the birds were chirping away, when all of a sudden I felt a tugging sensation. Something was pulling me in. “What is that,” I asked myself. Then I saw her, a little girl playing with bubbles. As she took a deep breath in to blow the next set of bubbles, in I went, through her mouth. “My journey has begun,” I thought to myself. As I went down this narrow tube like structure, I noticed I wasn’t alone; there were other oxygen cells with me.
“Where are we?” I asked one of the cells.
“We are in the trachea,” one of them replied back to me. “It

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