Owning a Mobile Phone

Topics: Mobile phone, Battery, Push-button telephone Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Owning a mobile phone

When I was in the 7 grade, I dreamed of owning my mobile phone. The day I got my mobile phone was one of the happiest days in my life. Owning a mobile phone gave me freedom, cost me money, and made me be careful about the bad effects from mobile phone.

Owning a mobile phone made me had the freedom. First of all, I didn’t have to use telephone anymore. Every time I used it to call my friends, my parent looked at me really strange, they seemed unpleasant. Moreover, they were always worried about a person who called to me and the person whom I talked to. Second, I don’t need to borrow my friend mobile phone. I was really embarrassed every time when I asked for his phone. With my own mobile phone I can communicate to my friends no matter what or where I am. For instance, I can easily contact to my friends by calling or sending messages everywhere.

I had to pay for the mobile phone and related expenses. A phone with many features and capabilities can be expensive. I had considered about size, battery life, price, internet access and other features. Finally, I had to pay about 14,000 baht for my mobile phone. Moreover, a mobile phone cost a few to maintain such as screen protector, battery, battery charger and fixed if necessary. Of course, I had monthly phone bill. Mobile phone expenses can be controlled in limit budget. I look at my current phone bill and see how I’m using my phone. How many minutes do I use a month? Am I a big texter? So, I choose the properly package and control myself in limit budget.

When I have to pay for my mobile phone, I became a more careful consumer. I became worried about the bad effects from mobile phone. Using a lot mobile phone can harm my brain. If I use mobile phones too much, I will get bad effects like dizzy, blood-brain barrier, or ears problems. In addition, when I use mobile phones while I am driving, I might get an accident. It is essential not good for me and others....
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