Owen and John's Friendship in John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany

Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: December 1, 2009
Owen and John’s Friendship

In John Irving’s novel A Prayer for Owen Meany, friendship develop in a small town in Gravesend, New Hampshire. Throughout their lives from childhood to young adulthood they always were best friends. Friendship between Owen and John runs deep that it can be describe as brotherly love. Owen and John’s relationship shows what a true friend is and how far a friend will go for a friend.

Owen Meany is the totally the opposite of John Wheelwright. Owen is very religious, straight forward person and very intelligent person, while John is not very religious, shy, not very smart and unsure of himself. Owen and John used to always spend time together when they were young. They went to same Episcopal Church and even played in the same baseball team. One day, while playing baseball together it was Owen’s turn to bat. He usually does not hit the ball because of his tinysize but that day he ended up hitting the ball so hard that cause foul ball and hit Tabitha’s left temple ( John’s Mother) by accident, who ended up dead. Owen felt very guilty about killing his best friend’s mother Tabitha. He gave his baseball card collections that he cherished so much to John. This shows that Owen was very sorry about what happened because he loved Tabitha like his own mother. In return John gave the armadillo to Owen which meant a lot to John. This shows that John is still Ownen’s friends no matter what.

When Owen was only eleven years old his parents told him how he was brought into this world. His parents told him that he is a virgin birth.” We didn’t ever do it..”. “ She just conceived a child like a Christ Child.” (536). Owen believed that he is God’s instrument. In Owen’s opinion, he had INTERUPTED AN ANGEL, he had DISTURBED AN ANGEL AT WORK, and he had UPSET THE SCHEME OF THINGS.” (102). This quote helps Owen explain and convince himself that he was used to kill Tabitha because God had made him his instrument. “GOD HAS TAKEN YOUR MOTHER. MY HANDS...
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