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Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (SPL) has been the trendsetter in Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Market since its inception in 1958. Over the last decade SPL actually rose to a new standard moving beyond manufacturing quality medicines to win mindshare of patients, physicians, shareholders, business partners, and communities where we work and live. Our dedication to add more value to the common wealth of the society compounded by innovative strategies for growth and diversification, pioneering role in bringing new technology and implementing new ideas, and commitment for total quality management distills the glory of our success. Today SPL is not merely a market leader. Most of the products that it actively markets enjoy leadership position demonstrating incomparable trust of the healthcare professionals. Today SPL is ready to face the challenge of scarce sourcing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) in the post-WTO era, with its advanced a manufacturing capability.

SPL is one of the first companies to have an extensively computerized and automate working environment connecting every corner of the country to the centre. Productivity through connectivity is one of our heritages of progress. SPL is the first company to go beyond the national boundary, exporting its quality products in overseas markets in Asia Africa, and Europe. More than that, SPL has probably fulfilled a national aspiration of turning a once import dependent country into an exporter of quality medicines. We believe, with our technological and managerial know-how and ability to take on challenges, we will be able to progress much faster towards our objective of becoming the nation’s most Visionary Company

Our main objective is to prepare this project to know about the organization. We try to focus on the project SWOT analysis, potter five forces, organization design in Square Pharmaceutical Ltd. Scope:

Our assignment is only document basis so we have not opportunity to take interview, survey and make observation. As it is a report about an organization so we have opportunity to collect data by reading documents from their web sites. Methodology:

To complete our project and reach in a decision we some methods. To collect information we search internet, read newspaper, and utilize our personal observation. ABOUT COMPANY:
Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a leading edge pharmaceutical company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is acclaimed for its outstanding product quality, world-class manufacturing facilities, product development capabilities and outstanding professional services. SQUARE today symbolizes a name – a state of mind. But its journey to the growth and prosperity has been no bed of roses. From the inception in 1958, it has today burgeoned into one of the top line conglomerates in Bangladesh. Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd., the flagship company, is holding the strong leadership position in the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh since 1985 and is now on its way to becoming a high performance global player. Historical Background of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

SQUARE Pharmaceuticals Limited is the largest pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh and it has been continuously in the 1st position among all national and multinational companies since 1985. It was established in 1958 and converted into a public limited company in 1991. 1958: Debut of SQUARE Parma as a Partnership Firm.

1964: Converted into a Private Limited Company.
1985: Achieved market-leadership in the pharmaceutical market of Bangladesh among all national and multinational companies. 1987: Pioneer in pharmaceutical export from Bangladesh.
1991: Converted into a Public Limited Company
1997: Won the National Export trophy for exporting pharmaceuticals. 1998: Agro-chemicals & Veterinary Products division of SQUARE...
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