Overview of Riordan Manufacturing Wan Security

Topics: IP address, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, Internet Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: July 9, 2006
The information regarding the security of Riordan Manufacturing's WAN is sparse at best. The diagrams supplied to our organization show the network setup for each facility. Information regarding the port configuration, router configuration, and any security software is not available to us at this time. A brief description of possible security settings and procedures for each facility will follow.

Corporate Headquarters, San Jose California and Hangzhou, China facilities.

The network configuration for the San Jose, California facility and the Hangzhou, China facility are virtually the same. Access to the outside is gained via two routes. The first is a T1 connection accessed through a VOIP/data router. Since sales representatives and those employees that telecommute use company-issued laptops, access though the router is controlled by restricting MAC addresses for those telecommuting and salespersons accessing the network while in the field.

For those non-employees accessing the network, access is granted only through specific ports. All other ports will be turned off thereby creating fewer points of access through the router. The computers IP address must be authenticated in order to gain access to the network.

The satellite communication is used to connect the San Jose office with the office in Hangzhou, China. Access is controlled through use authentication and encryption. Since the satellite is used to communicate between the two facilities, network monitoring is easy to control on that end.

The second level of security is through a series of network servers. Three network servers and a series of gateways are used to regulate the traffic through the network. The routers control the DHCP through by monitoring IP addresses. Use of firewall Software is a part this level.

The third layer is located in the I.T department. The layer consists of random security assessments by the I.T. department and third party agencies hired by...
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