Overview of Policing and Policing Operations

Topics: Police, Crime, Criminal justice Pages: 9 (3412 words) Published: May 18, 2013
I believe this West Los Angeles Administration of Justice program has equipped and readied me with the suffice amount of knowledge and skill set to be a competitive individual. This introduction course had helped me develop an also instilled in me pertinent skills and knowledge in aspects such as reasoning, professionalism, problem solving techniques, and a firm intellectual foundation of education to further my knowledge in the field of Criminal Justice. I feel I have been prepared to pursue a opportunity for preparation of a law enforcement career. This Portfolio has consisted of all projects, assignments completed and knowledge and skills gained academically and professionally. When entering this Administration of justice course at West Los Angeles College I was filled with excitement and anticipation, due to the facts of me wanting to pursue a career in law enforcement with high hopes of becoming a corrections officer such as a guard that works within the prison system. But throughout my journey, which highly contributed to my learning and growth, of this course my views began to shift and objectives changed, on the duties I wanted to preform and the position in law enforcement I would prefer to occupy. While participating in this course my knowledge, skills, and abilities gained have significantly increased. I have also experienced many enlightening moments in contribution with my knowledge, skills, and abilities gained that have helped me further my understanding of the criminal justice system and its inner and outer elements that have shaped its structure for many years. In this Administration of Justice course I have learned how different groups of persons are classified and handled by the criminal justice system and the importance of them being handled the way they are, also the duties and responsibilities of the federal, state, and municipal law enforcement agencies, in addition during the course we've held discussions about the importance of demonstrating an awareness of cultural diversity. Furthermore I've learned the standards of qualification, hiring process, and different requirements for employment in a variety of criminal justice agencies.

My purpose for becoming involved with law enforcement had been acquired from my passion of law enforcement and being around my uncle who had been a sheriff officer for many years, when he died a few years ago while I'd still been attending high school I had been deeply hurt. After high school I was blessed with an athletic scholarship in football, when the choice came to decide on a major to choose I had no second thought that criminology was what I wanted to pursue. After attending Western New Mexico University for a year and completing my general requirement courses I was unable to play football due to an injury that prevented me from continuing to do so. I then chose to continue my education of criminal justice at West Los Angeles College. Beginning this Administration of Justice course in September of 2012 I had been excited because it was my first class I was going to take dealing with the profession I wanted to purse, which had been working in the corrections system as a prison guard. On the first day of class it was filled with students who shared the same interest as me, knowing this from the self-introduction the professor instructed us to participate in. Also in the first few weeks it had been all business and nothing strayed away from the syllabus that had been presented to the class. My perception of the professor was the first thing of many things that changed from entering the class.

Within the first few weeks of the course my knowledge obtained from what we discussed in class was what I considered to be very impressive. As a class we discussed the basic topics that are commonly misinterpreted such as: "What is the criminal justice system" and different "types of crimes". From covering the topic of "what is the criminal justice system" I learned...
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