Overview of Fmcg Sector

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Overview Of FMCG Sector
What are FMCGs?
WE regularly talk about things like butter, potato chips, toothpastes, razors, household care products, packaged food and beverages, etc. But do we know under which category these things come? They are called FMCGs. FMCG is an acronym for Fast Moving Consumer Goods, which refer to things that we buy from local supermarkets on daily basis, the things that have high turnover and are relatively cheaper.

FMCG Products and Categories

- Personal Care, Oral Care, Hair Care, Skin Care, Personal Wash (soaps);

- Cosmetics and toiletries, deodorants, perfumes, feminine hygiene, paper products;

- Household care fabric wash including laundry soaps and synthetic detergents; household cleaners, such as dish/utensil cleaners, floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, air fresheners, insecticides and mosquito repellents, metal polish and furniture polish;

FMCG in 2006

The performance of the industry was inconsistent in terms of sales and growth for over 4 years. The investors in the sector were not gainers at par with other booming sectors. After two years of sinking performance of FMCG sector, the year 2005 has witnessed the FMCGs demand growing. Strong growth was seen across various segments in FY06. With the rise in disposable income and the economy in good health, the urban consumers continued with their shopping spree.

- Food and health beverages, branded flour, branded sugarcane, bakery products such as bread, biscuits, etc., milk and dairy products, beverages such as tea, coffee, juices, bottled water etc, snack food, chocolates, etc.

- Frequently replaced electronic products, such as audio equipments, digital cameras, Laptops, CTVs; other electronic items such as Refrigerator, washing machines, etc. coming under the category of White Goods in FMCG;

Sector Outlook
FMCG is the fourth largest sector in the Indian Economy with a total market size of Rs. 60,000 crores. FMCG sector generates 5% of total factory employment in the country and is creating employment for three million people, especially in small towns and rural India.

Analysis of FMCG Sector

1. Low operational costs
2. Presence of established distribution networks in both urban and rural areas 3. Presence of well-known brands in FMCG sector

1. Lower scope of investing in technology and achieving economies of scale, especially in small sectors 2. Low exports levels
3. "Me-too" products, which illegally mimic the labels of the established brands. These products narrow the scope of FMCG products in rural and semi-urban market.


1. Untapped rural market
2. Rising income levels, i.e. increase in purchasing power of consumers 3. Large domestic market- a population of over one billion.
4. Export potential
5. High consumer goods spending

1. Removal of import restrictions resulting in replacing of domestic brands 2. Slowdown in rural demand
Tax and regulatory structure

Scope Of The Sector
The Indian FMCG sector with a market size of US$13.1 billion is the fourth largest sector in the economy. A well-established distribution network, intense competition between the organized and unorganized segments characterize the sector. FMCG Sector is expected to grow by over 60% by 2010. That will translate into an annual growth of 10% over a 5-year period. It has been estimated that FMCG sector will rise from around Rs 56,500 crores in 2005 to Rs 92,100 crores in 2010. Hair care, household care, male grooming, female hygiene, and the chocolates and confectionery categories are estimated to be the fastest growing segments, says an HSBC report. Though the sector witnessed a slower growth in 2002-2004, it has been able to make a fine recovery since then.

For example, Hindustan Levers Limited (HLL) has shown a healthy growth in the last quarter. An estimated double-digit growth over the next few years shows that the good times are likely to continue....
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