Overview of Education in Health Care

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Chapter 1

Overview of Education in
Health Care

Historical Foundations of the
Nurse Educator Role

Health education has long been considered a standard care-giving role of the nurse. •Patient teaching is recognized as an independent nursing function. •Nursing practice has expanded to include education in the broad concepts of health and illness.

Organizations and Agencies Promulgating
Standards and Mandates:
first observed health teaching as an important function within the scope of nursing practice responsible for identifying course content for curriculum on principles of teaching and learning

2. ANA
responsible for establishing standards and qualifications for practice, including patient teaching

3. ICN
endorses health education as an essential component of nursing care delivery

4. State Nurse Practice Acts
universally includes teaching within the scope of nursing practice

accreditation mandates require evidence of patient education to improve outcomes

6. AHA
Patient’s Bill of Rights ensures that clients receive complete and current information

7. Pew Health Professions Commission
puts forth a set of health profession competencies for the 21st century over one-half of recommendations pertain to importance of patient and staff education

Trends Affecting Health Care

Social, economic, and political forces that affect a nurse’s role in teaching: •federal initiatives outlined in Healthy People 2010
growth of managed care
increased attention to health and well-being of everyone in society •cost containment measures to control
healthcare expenses
concern for continuing education as vehicle to prevent malpractice and incompetence •expanding scope and depth of nurses’ practice responsibilities •consumers demanding more knowledge and skills for self-care •demographic trends influencing type and amount of health care needed • recognition of lifestyle related diseases which are largely preventable •health literacy increasingly required

advocacy for self-help groups

Purpose, Benefits, and Goals of Patient, Staff and Student Education Purpose: to increase the competence and confidence of patients to manage their own self-care and of staff and students to deliver high-quality care
Benefits of education to patients:
- increases consumer satisfaction
- improves quality of life
- ensures continuity of care
- reduces incidence of illness complications
- increases compliance with treatment
- decreases anxiety
- maximizes independence

Benefits of education to staff:
- enhances job satisfaction
- improves therapeutic relationships
- increases autonomy in practice
- improves knowledge and skills

Benefits of preceptor education for nursing students
-prepared clinical preceptors
-continuity of teaching/learning from classroom curriculum
-evaluation and improvement of student clinical skills

Goal: to increase self-care responsibility of clients and to improve the quality of care delivered by nurses

The Education Process

Definition of Terms
Education Process: a systematic, sequential, planned course of action on the part of both the teacher and learner to achieve the outcomes of teaching and learning Teaching/Instruction: a deliberate intervention that involves sharing information and experiences to meet the intended learner outcomes

Learning: a change in behavior (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) that can be observed and measured, and can occur at any time or in any place as a result of exposure to environmental stimuli

Patient Education: the process of helping clients learn health-related behaviors to achieve the goal of optimal health and independence in self-care

Staff Education: the process of helping nurses acquire knowledge, attitudes, and skills to improve the delivery of quality care to the consumer

A useful paradigm to assist...
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