Overview of Banking Operations in Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited

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1.0 Introduction:

BBA is one of the most commendable professional degrees.The main objectives of BBA degreeis to provide the students with the prectical aspect of academic learning to the organizational setting. For the attainment of the purpose curriculum and syllabus is designed in a manner so that student are facilitated to have particular or empirical working experience to some extent. Inclusion of internship is a proof of one of the attempts. I am a student of Leading University, Sylhet. In BBA, my major subject is Accounting and Finance. For that consequence, I am performing my internship in banking sector and the organization is the SJIB in this regard. I selected the research topic as “ Overview of Banking Operations in Shahjalal Islamic Bank”.

1.1 Objective of the study:
• The difference between Islamic and Conventional banking system • Overview and analysis of SJIBL
• Overview of the Islamic Banking industry in Bangladesh
• Concept of Islamic Banking

1.2 Source of Information:
• Primary source : The primary source of information was gathered from the practical working experience during the internship period.
• Secondary information : The secondary information was gathered from Bank’s Annual Reports, Manuals, Guidelines and Internet etc.

1.3 Scope of the study:
This project has stipulated its analysis to the Islamic Banking system in Bangladesh only. Mainly SJIBL has been discussed here to understand the Islamic banking system. The study also covered the overall scenario of the Islamic Banking industry in Bangladesh and has also covered the differences between Islamic and Conventional banking system.

1.4 Limitations of the study
There are some limitations in my study. I faced some problems during the study which is mentioned below.

• Lack of time: The time period of this study is very short. I had only 5 weeks in my hand to complete this report, which was not enough. So I could not go in depth of the study. Sometimes the officials were busy and were busy and were not able to give me much time. • Insufficient data: Some desired information could not be collected due to confidentially of business. • Lack of monitory support: Few officers sometime felt disturbed, as they were busy in their job. Sometime they didn’t want to supervise me out of their official work. • Other limitation: As I am newcomer, there is a lack of previous experience in this concern. And many practical matters have been written from my own observation that may vary from person to person.

1.5 Internship Experience at Shahjalal Islami Bank (SJIBL): I started my internship program at SJIBL on the 20th march, 2011. Throughout the 3 months internship period I had great opportunity to have practical experience on banking services. I have worked in General Banking Department of Sylhet Branch of SJIBL. In this short span of time, I have learnt to learn about customer handling and enhance my knowledge on relationship banking. Here I have noticed that all the account officers and customer service representatives (CSRs), relationship managers (RMs) try to meet all of a customer’s needs to the extent permitted by rules and regulation of the organization and of the central bank.

Relationship banking is an attempt to advance the sales culture in bank marketing beyond order taking to a more pro-active form of direct selling. Instead of selling financial services one at a time, an account officer or customer service representative attempts to gain an understanding of the consumer's needs and offer services that fulfill those needs. I specifically worked at the General Banking department. Following were the activities done by me during the internship program: • Filing: It is very important for the bank to archive files of the applicants according to their policies. I have maintained the files of the applicants...

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