Overseas Filipino Workers

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OFWs and their remittances

In our culture, the usual teaching of our parents is for their sons and daughters to study hard, enter into a good college and find a suitable work. In the early days this will be enough, and you can already start your own family. However, why is it now even though you have graduated in one of the most prestigious Universities or working in a multinational firm it is not yet enough and you still find yourself struggling to survive?

Recently, in an article published in a net, the Government has recognized the decreasing demand of nurses abroad and there is a vast number surplus nursing graduates that are desperate to find jobs. They have proposed to tap the services of TESDA to put up a module which would open up these professionals to enter into call centers as Medical transcriptionists.

The Filipino as servants to the world

Gone are the days when Filipinos try to leave the country to feel the cool breeze of the other nation, a different environment or even to expand their knowledge. Now it’s a question of survival. Filipinos wants to provide their families, good life or even food in the table. This is now the mindset of a bread winner in a family.

I have been working now with various companies and seldom can I find a co-employee who is a profession who would think of staying here in the Philippines to work. They say that there is no opportunity of growth here. I would earn more and provide for my needs abroad, these are the usual reasons that they give. Where is now our sense of patriotism? Are we going to lose these professionals and them moving abroad. The recent development in PAG-ASA can prove this scenario, President Aquino recently changed the PAG-ASA chief, however their employee said that the department is already experiencing brain drain because all of its good employees or pioneers are already moving abroad and are being pirated by our nearby nations.

Skills, intelligence, perseverance and multi-tasking are...
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