Overseas Employment

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Question: As an Australian Citizen, how do I gain permanent graphic design employment in the United Kingdom? The study and research of the process in which to follow in order to gain graphic design employment in the United Kingdom is of significance to me because I wish to do so in the future. I expect the outcome to this research proposal will provide me with a documented, step by step procedure that can be followed to assist in the process of securing a job in the UK. There are a number of factors that need to be considered when applying for work in any foreign country, such as, Will I need a work permit or visa? How will I search for an appropriate job? How will I contact prospective employers? Due to geographical location, the majority of my research into this process will be done via the internet. The Work Permit

Firstly, I will need to consider my work permit or visa situation. Am I eligible to work in the United Kingdom? This information should be learnt from reliable sources, for example an official government website. I will need to source a computer with internet access and using a search engine, for example 'www.google.com', would type in a phrase similar to 'united kingdom working visa'. This search returns over 4 million sites, governmental and non-governmental, however the first on the list is suitable as it is the United Kingdom Official Visa Home Page 'http://www.ukvisas.gov.uk/en/'. From this particular website, visa options and regulations can be viewed. There are various working visas available for different situations, for example a Working Holiday visa. After researching the visa options applicable to an Australian citizen, it is learnt that to be eligible to work on a permanent basis in the UK, it is in fact the responsibility of my prospective employer to apply for my working visa. Therefore, a job must be found first, in order to have the right to enter the United Kingdom with the intention to work. The Job Search

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