Overscheduled and Overworked

Topics: Harvard University, Anxiety, Worry Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Overscheduled and Overworked

When I started college my mom gave me a planner so I wouldn’t be late for any classes and I wouldn’t forget about any assignments for those classes. Typical me, I hate using a planner so I was very unorganized and felt overwhelmed. Recently I realized maybe it would be better to have a schedule and be organized. So as I was filling up my schedule I realized that my schedule was more filled then I thought. It was filled “all day”; I constantly had to do something. My day started at 11am going to class to 6pm every weekday. In the middle of classes I would try to squeeze in lunch, smoothie, or something. After class I went to dinner followed by my tutor most of the days. By then it’s around 8pm and my head is about to explode, but I get over it and go work out. When I get back home I use whatever energy I have left to attempt to do my homework or study for a quiz or test. This is what a college experience is supposed to be like? Stress and overworking myself was not what I was expecting. I guess its fair to say now a days college students are more overscheduled and overworked than ever before.

Rick Perlstein, author of “What’s the Matter with college”, tells us about a girl in college who is very over scheduled. Her internal clock just keeps going and going and going. Perlstein talks about an interview she encountered were she told the interviewer “Right now it’s probably the worst time to ask me what I do for fun!”. He hints that being an overscheduled student is not a good choice in college. You will work yourself into exhaustion and be unhappy just trying to get through college. In an article “Speed Bumps: Slowing Down Today’s Youth”, a quote says “the purpose of this paper is to get this paper in on time so I can get on to the next paper…”(Greene, 10). In college, in my opinion, you should be happy and passionate about what you are doing and not just try to get it over with.

“In my day, we weren’t...
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