Topics: Demography, World population, Overpopulation Pages: 4 (1145 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Over-population occurs when there are not enough resources on the earth to support its population. Over 2 centuries ago, world population was lower than a billion people. Nowadays, there almost 6.7 billion people currently occupying this world, whilst each year the world population expands by around 80 million (World Population Guide 2011, [Online]). All connoisseurs are warning about this issue. Critics declare that we are getting dangerously close to the sustainable capacity of earth. The optimal carrying content of this world is only 2 billions people (Bruges, 2007), why are people still able to live comfortably in this world? Problems such as severe food shortages, pollution, poor economy country, poor health and increasing crime rates are not just related to living in a bad neighborhood, they are the result of overpopulation. There are many factors leading to this population explosion. This problem can only be reduced by lower birth rate and higher death rate.

Illiteracy is the major reason of overpopulation. Those who lack education are unable to realize the risky effects that overpopulation has and fail to understand the need to reduce the population growth. This is not just an individual problem, it also can happen on a family unit level. Families who are illiterate do not take family planning measures. Most illiterate people consider an extra child as one more hand to earn but they forget that it is also imply one more mouth to feed. For example in Pakistan, the common Pakistani has been brainwashed to believe that birth control is a heinous sin. It is normal for men in this country to aim for ten children and to seek medical treatment if they cannot achieve this goal (Lakhani 2007, [Online]). Nowadays, the improvement of medications also has declined the number of deaths. New innovations in medications have brought in treatments for dreadful diseases and impact in an accession of life assurance, lead to longer lifespans. Another factor is the new...
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