Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: February 23, 2013
What is Overpopulation? Overpopulation is growth of population that will lead to inadequate of food, space, and other resources. It can also cause people to starve and die. Over population in these times is an enormous situation that requires a solution. It is a major problem that the world is facing nowadays. Every second of the day an average of 4.3 babies are born in the world. This problem could affect our lives and could tear our mother earth apart. As of today most of the people can’t even find jobs for their living. A lot of people right now is struggling, sacrificing and starving and this is because of the ever rising phenomenon of overpopulation. Today our planet earth is overpopulated; our population is estimated to be 6 billion and by 2050 that number is expected to jump to 9 billion. It is expected that’s why governments were able to find ways and solutions to provide people a living. The government has a solution in able to curb overpopulation: First is Education which is the most common assumption that can contribute to overpopulation. Lack of education causes people fail to understand the need to control population. Second is Family Planning, this could help people to understand the importance of being aware to the growth of our population and that a family could also set plans for their future and how they could provide the needs of their children. Third is Sex Education, this must be mandatory in schools to let the students gasp knowledge about human sexuality, sexual reproduction, reproductive health, birth control and other aspects of human sexual behavior. These solutions are important to control the rate of our population it is because we only have limited human resources that we can’t live without.
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