Topics: World population, Overpopulation, Population Pages: 3 (1147 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Overpopulation and the Dangers it poses to Our Society
By Emily Hayes

A woman carries her baby boy on her hip, held securely in place with one arm, as the other reaches for the door. It swings open, and a doctor greets the parent and child before extracting the baby from the mother’s arms and examining him. As all seems fine, she prepares her needle, and fiddles with the infant before picking the right area and injecting the needle. This baby is now safe from smallpox. In another scenario, a young man steps onto his porch, and opens his front door, slamming it behind him carelessly. He walks to his kitchen and pulls a glass out of the cupboard and heads towards the tap. He runs the water until it is cold before filling the glass. As he gulps down the water and heads back out into the sweltering heat, he does not think about how he has just been saved from dying, simply from dirty water. And, although many are unaware, our numerous safety measures can and will cause many problems. As the human population grows, Earth’s resources will deplete, until one day basic resources will be much harder to come by than what seems realistic today. This issue is very real and very large.

Every day people live and die, are born and are killed. But as human society progresses the number of births rise and the number of deaths fall. With animals, the predator moderates the number of prey. However, in the case of humans, precautions have been made to counteract or avoid any ‘predators’ possible. There are vaccines against illnesses, weapons against predators, aid in emergencies, and protection against the elements. The various wars do not make a noticeable (in the long run) difference, nor a particularly long lasting one. There is a cure to most diseases and resourcefulness and intelligence to save us from nature, but mostly famine and humans themselves lower the toll of people. Humans have developed many methods of extending their life spans, which is a great advancement...
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