Overcrowding Prisons

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January 25, 2012
Summary # 1

“INTO THE UNKNOWN” published by the Economist is a magazine article about the fear that American workers have about future jobs and the replacing of jobs through outsourcing and computers. According to this article, white-collar workers around the world are losing their jobs as machines and foreign workers take over. The author’s purpose of this article is to alert the readers that although there are some changes in technology that destroy jobs, that there is also changes that create new ones as well. The author feels that human desire to innovate will help the economy and the job market. The author further states that the worry about the exporting of jobs is necessary. The Economist reminds us that the advancement of technology is one of the main sources for job shortage in America. Machines are doing more and more work that was once done by humans. Another problem is the replacement of American workers with foreign workers for less money. It is easier to hire foreign workers who can perform the same work for less money, or use machines that can produces the same production with half the man power. In the end some jobs are going away and others will be in great demand due to ideas and inventions. The human desire to progress and change with technology will help rebuild and maintain the workforce in America. The Economist advises the readers to be aware that technology has always displaced some workers and jobs creating a rise in unemployment, and those machines are gaining the upper hand on the economy.
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