Overcrowded Prisons

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Prof. Taylor
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23 Oct. 2011
Economy Issues?
Overcrowded Prisons
Prisons throughout the U.S have been overcrowded with inmates who cause a problem for the system itself and the general population. This causes a problem for the reason that it is expensive when prisons are overcrowded and minor crimes like possession of small amounts of marijuana by offenders gets them sent to jail instead of going to rehab. That means the system has to provide alternative jail cells for inmates to stay while murders, rapists and child molesters, who violent criminals, get early release. It also leads to dangerous conditions for guards because criminals outnumber them, which leads to chaos. That is why for those who serve life without parole, capital punishment should be applied to them, which keeps the streets safe and those criminals away from the general population. If capital punishment is expensive, then they should hang them. That way its cost efficient and we don’t have hassle with expensive, long trials.

Prisons become overcrowded due to the failure in rehabilitation programs. Programs to help out minor offenders for crimes like small drug offenses should be established. Those who commit minor offenses do not need to go to jail. They should be able to get help through enforced rehab programs that keep them from becoming hard core criminals. However, there are not enough programs available out there. That is why the criminal justice system is enforcing with harshness the crimes that small drug offenders do and sending them straight to prison. In today’s society, there are still issues with overcrowded jails. However, those involved in the criminal justice system are trying to figure out a way to resolve the issue.

The rise in the population of inmates has been a problem in some countries. For example, in “Canada 28 prisons are considered to be overcrowded.” (Msn) In their prison system the amount of money spent is quite large. In the United States the...
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