Overcoming Writers Block

Topics: Writing, Thought, Mind Pages: 1 (479 words) Published: April 28, 2013
When I come to writer's block I usually will sit and try to talk to myself so I can overcome the block because when talking out loud it usually jogs my memory back to where I needed it to be. Not only does talking out loud help me remember what I was trying to write about it helps me keep on focus and stay on track to what I was trying to do. I feel that it helps a writer by trying to express what they are trying to say and it is my way of getting my thoughts together. My other problem that comes to writer's block is procrastination, especially if it’s on a topic that I am not typically interested in I then tend to put off the assignment till the last minute and then I have problems with completing the assignment. I have learned that procrastination ends up hurting you in the end because you usually don’t complete the assignment like you should if you wouldn’t have procrastinated to the last minute. This strategy would be useful for a writer because it teaches you not to wait to the last minute to do things because in the end it messes you up and causes you to stress out on the assignment when all that needed to be done was start as soon as you got it so you had plenty of time to think out the assignment. I have found that listening to music helps me overcome writers block. It’s like the sound of the music makes my wording just flow, it brings everything to my mind and helps me think about what I am trying to say. Depending on what I am trying to write about and the class it’s for I stop my writing process to help me relax and then go back to the writing process and other times listening to music will just help me automatically write by getting me into the thinking process. Another thing I tend to find myself doing when I get frustrated and think about what to write is stopping for a short bit and watch one of my favorite movies and when done it tends to bring my memory back to what I was trying to complete. Especially if it is on a topic that may frustrate me I...
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