Overcoming Obstacles

Topics: IPhone, Best Friends, Jailbreak Pages: 3 (1258 words) Published: March 13, 2014
“Good morning darling” The maid Anastasia said in a nervous voice. I sat up in my warm bed and removed my sleeping mask from my eyes to see her poking her face out from behind the door. She walked in and pulled my blinds open, the brightness of the early morning sun was enough to blind me for a few seconds. She approached my bed with a tray in her hands and placed it down beside me. “Two poached eggs on sourdough bread and my specially made freshly squeezed orange juice, your favourite right?” She said softly. I rolled my eyes and signalled her out. I hopped out of my bed and changed into the clothes Anastasia laid out for me, and finished my meal in a hurry, today was going to be a big day, I can show off my new iPhone 5 and newly manicured nails. I rushed down the stairs as fast as I could in my heeled shoes. I walked to the kitchen and picked up my phone, 16 messages that I will not be replying to. I put in my code the (the birthday of my boyfriend Dan) and wrote him a cheesy good morning message, I put my phone in my bag and left for school. When I arrived, my two best friends Brittany and Tara were standing at the gate waiting for me. I reached in my bag for my phone to pull out and show them. “OMG!” they both exclaimed.

“I know right” I tried to put the same amount of enthusiasm in as they had used, it seemed to work. “How do you have it, it doesn’t get released until next month?” They asked me curiously. “Daddy cashed in one of his favours for me” I said proudly. They both looked at each other amazed. I turned away as I thought I could hear my name being called, it was. Marley Armer came hobbling up to me in her scabby clothing that clearly hadn’t been washed in a few weeks and if it wasn’t the food stains on her shirt that gave it away it was the smell. It was like she had been locked in a dumpster for a year. I turned to Tara and whispered into her ear just loud enough so Marley could hear me, “Where’s Tigger, cause all I smell is Pooh?” We both laughed...
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