Overcoming Obstacles

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Over Coming Obstacles
When I was a little boy I was always one of the smart ones in class, but I was also the most outrageous one too; No matter what class it was or who was in it. When I was in high school, I was always getting in trouble, but if you spoke with my teachers or other students they would always say, “He’s a very bright and smart individual; he just loves to express himself, way too much.” When I had the opportunity to express myself, I always took advantage of it. I use to see myself as the heart of the class, because I made people laugh, girls smile, and I always looked like I was in a good mood. I flirted with any and every girl possible. Not that I wanted to date them, but because it made some feel as if they were appreciated; even though they really didn’t do anything appreciable. People loved to be around me, even those I never met before, but by just speaking to. Most students’, thought while we are in high school it is a time to impress others, but it is actually the opposite. Sports were the best thing to watch on TV. Football, baseball, soccer, basketball, and even UFC, were my favorites. I could watch these forever without getting bored. It’s a sport that takes pure commitment. I wanted to be an UFC fighter, when I was adolescence, but as time passed, it was clear that wasn’t happening.

During high school I played the piano for a little while, I played baseball and ran track, but both were tiring, so I quit. I also trained kick boxing almost every week, best way to stay in shape at my age. I could have continued to compete, but at this time I didn’t have my priorities established yet. During the first semester of my junior year, I was always in trouble, but I kept my grades up to par. My grades stayed decent all the way through the first semester, a’s and b’s weren’t that hard to get. I never let it show during classes, but my attitude was terrible school. Some said it was towards authority, and some said it was just shown when I was...
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