Overcoming My Fears of Returning to College as an Adult

Topics: Academic degree, Higher education, University Pages: 3 (945 words) Published: October 9, 2010
Overcoming My Fears of Returning to College as an Adult
Many people in today’s economy are finding it very difficult to survive financially and are frantically seeking ways to overcome that threat of losing everything they have worked so hard their entire lives to achieve. Since the job opportunities are few and far between many are turning to furthering their education, but some of us from the older generation have found it can be very frightening and challenging to return to the classroom.
It came to a point in my life where I needed to make a decision about where I was going to be in the future and how I was planning to get there. After researching several different options I found the appropriate and most beneficial one would be to return to college. As an adult student I had numerous responsibilities to consider when making that decision. They included having children in college, work, and maintaining the household. The time and commitment needed to complete a degree program and balance these responsibilities can be a challenge. Just the thought of returning to the classroom after so many years gave me that feeling of anxiety and panic. There were so many thoughts crossing my mind, the scariest one being my age. Knowing the majority of my classmates was going to be less than half my age made me feel out of place before I even started. With that fear and so many others still fresh in my mind I began to make the preparations, both mentally and physically, to begin my goal of obtaining a college degree. I needed help; I did not even know where to begin so I started my search for informational resources to guide me through. I came across a book, “The Adult Student’s Guide to Survival and Success” (Siebert and Karr), which turned out to be all the help I needed. Starting with a career and school selection and continuing through the steps of registration, completing the massive amount of paperwork, class scheduling, ordering books, etc. I...

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