Overcoming Dyslexia

Topics: Dyslexia, Reading, Learning disability Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: November 7, 2008
SRLC Introductory CourseBook Report#1

Name: Shay MadisonDate: June 8, 2008

Shaywitz, Dr. Sally. (2003). Overcoming Dyslexia. New York, NY: Alfred A. Knopb, a division of Random House, Inc.

This is a book designed for dyslexics and their families. It aims to expose the subject of reading difficulties. Finding upon recent research, describe the causes underlying dyslexia along with the range of effective treatments available for dyslexic people of all ages. The book includes such topics as diagnosing dyslexia in children and adults, choosing a school, and helping adults to become better readers. She instructs parents in what they can do grade-by-grade, year-by-year, and step-by-step for a dyslexic child. Dr. Shaywitz gives a home curriculum for enhanced reading; guides parents in choosing the best school for their child and in working with teachers; and suggests ways of raising and preserving the child's self-esteem. She provides exercises, teaching aids, information on computer programs, and many other very useful assets. Chapter seven (71-92) is very interesting in the fact that it explains the brains function with a normal child or a child with dyslexia. It is very impressive that we use that research in our curriculum in Scottish Rite instruction. The chapter Early Clues to Dyslexia (93-101) is great along with chapters 9-11. I will definitely buy this book for my classroom; it is a great tool to help with understanding dyslexia and the children it effects. Page 196 has the section “Is your child on the right road to reading?” it gives a checklist of things to help determine where your child is on the road to reading. This would be helpful not only to the parent but to the classroom teacher as well. Overall this book is a huge asset to have in any classroom. It gives immense advice and suggestions in an easy to follow format. Most books are hard to understand or figure out; this book is on level for any parent or teacher. I will...
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