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Overcoming Communication Barriers
Being able to effectively communicate—or participate in the exchange of information—is an essential skill for dental health care providers. For many dental health care providers in the United States today, providing patient-centered care involves learning to communicate effectively with patients even when various barriers to communication are present. This module presents strategies for effectively communicating with: • Patients who speak a different language than that of the dental health care provider • Patients with culturally influenced health behaviors that differ from the health care beliefs of the dental clinician • Young and school age children • Adolescents • Older adults • Vision, hearing, or speech impaired individuals


Language Barriers
Cross-Cultural Communication Cultural Competence



Age Barriers
Communicating with Children Communicating with Adolescents Communicating with Older Adults



Vision and Hearing Barriers
Communication with the Visually Impaired Communication with the Hearing Impaired



Speech Barriers
Communication with the Speech Impaired Communication when the Voice Impaired



Ready References
Internet Resources: Cultural Competence Internet Resources: Hearing and Vision Impairment



13747 CH3.qxd


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Page 45

Internet Resources: Voice and Speech Impairment English–Spanish Medical Dictionaries Module References

The Human Element Quick Questions Skill Check
Communication Skill Checklist: Communications Role-Play

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• Explain how the U.S. population has changed between 1980 and 2000 and describe how these changes affect dental health care. • Give an example of how cultural differences could affect communication.

References: TABLE 3-1. U.S.- and Foreign-Born Population, 1980 to 2000 [2,3] U.S.-Born

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