Overcoming Baby Dumping in Malaysia

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Nowadays, the cases of new born baby dumping and foetuses in Malaysia are rapidly increases. This make the Malaysian must take serious attention. To overcome this problem, the government should come out with several policies and programmes, the teenagers need to expose to the religious law and the teenagers should have strong determination to avoid from involving in this problem.

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A. One way to overcome this problem is the government should come out with several policies and programmes. 1 Implementing of sex education in the nation’s schools. a This idea has been proposed a few years ago but many people against this idea Actually, this idea already have in syllabus of school such as biology, Islamic Studies and physical education but it only in sub-topic.(Malaysian Digest,2009)

b The teenagers can identify the good and bad when the sex education is introduce to the student. It can reduce the statistics of unprotected sexual intercourse, illegal pregnancy as they can get extra knowledge through sex education ( Nazni, 2012). i To encourage sex education in schools is to have an organized visit to a health care or contraceptive clinic as part of the curriculum ii Sex education prepares children and young people to become healthy and sexually responsible adults (Dr Milton Lum, 2010) c Teacher can teach the students about his or her body, benefit of responsible relationship, the effect of unplanned and unprotected sex.( Arabella, 2011) i. focus to the risk of sexual activity.

2 NGO setting up baby hatch at place which is high statistics of baby dumping cases. a According to the OrphanCare organization president, ”I think if more hatches open, if they are more accesside and in different cities, we can save a few more life”, (NY Times,2008) b Mothers can bring their babies, usually newborn, at this place...

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