Overcoming Adversity

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Ryan Allen
ENG 1310

Overcoming Adversity

Throughout the world there are many different people who go through different trials and tribulations. Human history and existence today would not be what it is if we didn’t have to struggle a bit to get what we want. I feel this also applies to an individual person’s life too. Everyone has different struggles in their life, but it’s the ones that press on and fight through the pain that show their inner warrior. There are beautiful qualities about life, and other things that’ll make you wonder why you’re here. When these dark times come, and yes they will come, don’t run away from them and fold up and hide. Embrace them! Look at the situation in place and take everything in stride. Some are better at this than others for various reasons. A determined individual’s will power can play an important role in overcoming adversity. People with an iron will tend to not be easily swayed by troubles that occur. Also the surrounding environment can persuade peoples in one way or another. Two kinds of environments can help choose how one overcomes adversity. Enriched environments can help people get through and impoverished environments can sway people to fall under pressure. Different types of situations additionally aid to overcoming adversity. Depending on how severely troublesome a situation is can also determine success or failure. Maybe you will be motivated to endure. Maybe you will be discouraged by the depth of a sticky situation. The choice lies with us all.

I’ve heard many victorious stories about men and woman who have displayed amazing will power to overcome obstacles that have blocked their way. The different obstacles and people who overcame them range throughout many different categories. There are many stories in the bible, movies, books, newspapers and on the internet where adversity being conquered can be found. A situation in which adversity was conquered was in, “The Straight Story.” Alvin was...
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