Over The Fence

Topics: Vociferation, Death growl, Bullying Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: February 28, 2015
Over the fence
Vignette 1
When the my family moved into our new home we made some effort to get to know their neighbours but our neighbours did not seem very interested in getting to know us. In our old neighbourhood everyone was friends and got along. In our new neighbourhood no one seemed to care much for one and other, we didn’t dwell on it although it seemed rather strange. Screams, shouts and bangs make their way into my dream, I am standing in a war zone in Gaza. I wake up abruptly panting. 3 o'clock in the morning there goes that vexatious scream disrupted my peaceful sleep, this really is getting ridiculous, ever since we moved I have barely slept all the way through the night without being disturbed by those horrific screams.

Mum calls the Kew neighbourhood police for what seems like the hundredth time since we moved in regarding our "crazy neighbours" as we call them. Not only is it a disturbance of peace, we are all getting concerned that someone is being abused next door, mum recounts to the police officer. I often wonder what is going on over the fence, maybe the residents are of satanic faith and have ceremonies nightly, maybe the neighbours are really nocturnal beings and come out to play at night. Maybe they are just a bit coo coo? From my window I can see down to their home it is a small unit with a huge gall wasp infected lemon tree, sometimes when I look out the window I see the curtain rustle and a woman with beady scared looking eyes and dark hair peering back at me.

About ten months after we moved in the rubbish began to arrive at first we didn’t notice it because it was lodged in-between our two fences. One day we noticed the lattice fence had a large bulge we started pulling out bags upon bags of abhorrent smelling rubbish, cat food, cleaning products you name it. My fingers graze across a sharp can of beans and I notice what looks like human faeces. That was when we realised there was something not quite right about our...
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