Over Pouplation

Topics: Poverty, United States, Famine Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Over population/over population is a myth
The science of overpopulation states that there are two more people in the world every second. That is why the world’s population has reached one billion in the 1800’s. Thomas Malthus started thinking about theory of overpopulation first. It also caused an increase in expedition and in increase agriculture linearly. Now we are able to live four decades longer then when we were in the 1900’s. In the video it says that the world has enough food to feed eleven billion people and there are about three billion people in the world. Also in the United States of America, one person consumes the same amount of thirty-two Kenyans. In overpopulation is a myth it states that as the population grows so does the standard of living. Also the poor has a greater of a chance of doing better in a bigger city than in a small town. There would be more people to destroy poverty. Every family in the world could fit in a place the size of Texas. Next the government is paying farmer not to grow crops. Poverty is when people cannot get there basic needs like survival, and dignity. There is no way to get people in poverty filled countries the food. In my own opinion is towards the myth. One is that if the standard of living increases as population increases. Second it says that people have a better chance of getting out of poverty in a bigger city instead of a small town. I mean if there was over population, why would the government be telling farmers to stop crowing food. Also poverty means people cannot get there basic needs of survival. Over population said that in 1970 one-fifth of the world will starve. For last but not least, every family in the world could fit in a area the size of texas.
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