Outsourcing Jobs

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Outsourcing Jobs
Outsourcing for jobs in the U.S. is making people more dependent on external assistance in performing tasks. Everything in the U.S. is being outsourced nowadays. Be it catering, event planning, IT services, accounting, cleaning, baby sitting, marketing etcetera. Americans are thus getting more dependent on other people for doing chores and duties. If this trend continues Americans will forget how to perform some important human responsibilities such as raising children, personal hygiene, marketing, accounting and catering. Outsourcing creates additional jobs in the economy but it makes people to become lazy and oblivious of the importance of being efficient all round. Life is not merely about specializing and becoming excellent in one thing only. There is need to learn different specialties so as to advance personal development and growth. Outsourcing is a contentious issue in American politics because there are a range of U.S. jobs that are facing increasing competition from abroad. The topic has been analyzed by a number of writers, they have tackled the subject in their articles and they present different views on the impact of outsourcing. There are some who are for the idea that outsourcing is not bad for the U.S. economy. Others argue that the future of American citizens and their children is compromised if outsourcing is encouraged. The issue of outsourcing of jobs has become a hot topic that features in political debates in the U.S. The matter has become an issue of economic nationalism where politicians tackle the subject as a determinant of economic liberation and sustenance of the U.S. economy. Different authors have addressed the subject and their opinions, arguments and counter arguments are evaluated in this paper so as to present a report on outsourcing of jobs in the U.S. Outsourcing of jobs is an important issue since it touches on the sensitive subject of employment in the U.S. President Obama raised the issue about employment when he was in Indonesia where he stated that the Asia Pacific market supported five million jobs (Abc News 1). Werner brought out that the issue of employment arose during President Obama’s recent trip to the Asia Pacific (Abc News 1). He established that the President sought to create jobs in the U.S. even as many jobs were being outsourced abroad. President Obama was keen to establish trade deals that would export General Electric engines and initiate Boeing sale of commercial planes to Indonesia. The President was in a mission to create 130,000 jobs in America and increase exports by $39 billion (Abc News 2). These two articles presented the importance that employment of U.S. citizens is given by the US President. While President Obama stressed that job creation was crucial to the U.S. economy, Gokhale and Shikhar reported that the economy of India had grown due to the American jobs (Gokhale 1). They pointed out those sectors such as financial services, retail sectors and banking had specifically improved as a result of the jobs that had been outsourced from the U.S. This growth stated was even higher than that which had come from Europe indicating that the U.S. was outsourcing more jobs than any other region in the world. General Motors was amongst the earliest companies to initiate outsourcing as a management technique. The company outsourced high technology and value adding systems through a global production network. Currently, 50% of IT services in GM are outsourced from non General Motor’s employees (Layne and Green 2). Outsourcing refers to the use of external parties to perform certain duties. The external parties used during outsourcing are perceived to be professionals who have specialized in performing the tasks with ease and excellence. There are times when outsourcing is required. For instance, the modern environment has become so competitive that companies no longer have enough time and resources to perform every single function. Some time...

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