Outsourcing Its Past, Past and Future Trends in International Market

Topics: Marketing, Customer relationship management, Customer service Pages: 9 (2867 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Digital Business Management

Abstract: The report makes a complete analysis on the website of www.streetshirts.co.uk, which is one of the popular website in UK, the website is analyzed under different parameters such as the digital information systems adopted by site, the business model strategies which includes, online value proposition, revenue models, target audience, market and service and finally the report would make a critical appraisal on the customer relational management strategy adopted by the chosen website. The reasons for choosing the above mentioned criteria of evaluation will be justified with proper referencing. All the analysis will be made from the secondary source of information available from the internet, magazines, journal articles, e-books etc and made sure that all the sources are valid and reliable in order to make an authenticated report. This report is an academic report and so there is no primary source information is gathered, all the sources are secondary sources with proper Harvard referencing.

Introduction: Kotler (2008) says that it has taken the radio broadcasters thirty eight years to reach the audience of fifty million people, for television it has taken 13 year whereas for the internet it just took four years to reach the same. Haynes and Arockiasamy (2010) believes that it has not only reached the developed countries but also many developing countries like China, India and also countries from middle east also have made the same impact when it comes to internet and . There are many strategies employed by different websites depending upon the type of business they do in their physical environment, this report will now make a critical analysis on the website of www.streetshirts.co.uk to find out the customer relationship management, CRM strategy and digital information systems in order to identify the effectiveness if the website.

Streetshirts.co.uk is a unique website where it is focuses mainly on the mass customization process where both B2B and B2C transactions are made. As this report will be concentrating on the CRM and other factors such as value proposition, digital information system techniques would be the key issue and other terms like branding, and designing for the site will be discussed in brief in the recommendation part to make some improvements in the future in order to make the website more effective. Before going into the analysis part of the report, the report will brief about the company profile, the company was started 8 years ago and the site is loaded with art software which allows people to make their own designs and get commission on the sale made on t-shirts. Since the company is focusing on the corporate sales more when compared to retail sales, but they welcome retail sales and there is not any particular minimum order so people can order even single T-shirt from www.sreetshirts.co.uk. [pic]

Source: www.streetshirts.co.uk

Digital Information systems (DIS): Ernst (2003) has made a research on DIS and says that DIS is an electronic system that combines software and hardware to facilitate effective communication and collaborative work. Some of the benefits of DIS are wireless medium in the form of websites, change in pattern of advertising, globalization as the cost incurred to cross boundaries becomes easier, and at the same time it has some drawbacks as well. (Chandler and Cortada, 2000). So now the report identity how digital information system plays a role in digital business management, digital business management is a concept which evolved due to commercial business focusing more on digital media and technologies and also due to the dynamic competitive atmosphere, entrepreneurship, globalization, Interculturalism. (Corallo, Passiante, Prencipe, 2007) Having seen the importance of Digital information system in Digital business...
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