Outsourcing in Industry - Concern for Safety

Topics: Mining, Occupational safety and health, Coal Pages: 14 (4181 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Outsourcing in Mining Industry - Concern for Safety
PC Purohit, Group General Manager,
Rajasthan State Mines & Minerals Ltd,


Mineral resources are the back bone of any country & its judicious extraction is an art, scientifically known as mining. Most people concede mining as a necessary evil, long recognized as being arduous and liable to injury and disease. After the globalization era since 1991, the things have changed fast. It is difficult to compete in the global market if cost of production is not competitive and timely delivery of quality products is not ensured. To meet these challenges, outsourcing has become an effective tool in such circumstances which not only help in reduction in cost but also help in adopting better mining practices with advance technology without much involvement of capital cost. In the last three decades, improvements in mining technology, equipment, processes, procedures, and workforce education and training have resulted in greater safety and health. The mine management should consider that while outsourcing the work the agency selected for outsourcing should also be concerned about the safety & health issues of the persons engaged by them in mines. While cutting down the cost, the importance of the human resources value should be given due weightage. The outsourcing cost should be of such magnitude which covers not only the operational cost and cost for maintenance of health, safety and environment in mines by the outsourcing agency, but also reasonable profit to them. The recommendations of 10th Conference in this regard are of vital importance. This safety operating procedure should be implemented by the management and the outsourcing agency religiously for successful implementation of system of outsourcing so as to compete in global era of competitiveness. This paper is tried to emphasize that how the outsourcing in mining sector becoming more popular option but the mine management or owner should also consider the importance of the safety aspect during mining & it should be implemented in line of the various guidelines, rules & recommendation of the statuary authorities.


Mining has been one of the most common activities since ancient times and continues to remain so in the modern world. Minerals extracted from mines are the foundation stones of civilization. In fact the development of civilization is linked up with transition from stone implements to those of iron, copper and from wood as fuel to coal, oil and now even nuclear fuel. Industrial society could not exist without these essential commodities. Though, mining of the earth resources is the foundation for the development of mankind but mining has never been held in high esteem. Most people concede mining as a necessary evil, long recognized as being arduous and liable to injury and disease. However, neither the industrialized countries nor more so, the developing countries can afford to avoid mining altogether, as the whole spectrum of industrial activities (including energy generation) is based on minerals. There is little bit of minerals in everyday life of mankind.


India is endowed with large resources of metallic and industrial minerals. Its mineral sector includes mineral mining and processing industries and is the backbone of industrial production. The mineral sector provides basic raw material, such as aluminium, coal, copper, industrial minerals, petroleum, and steel to the manufacturing sector. India’s reserve and resources of barites, bauxite, chromium, coal, iron ore, limestone and manganese ore are among 10 largest in the world. In terms of production, the country is among the eight leading producer in the world of aluminium, barite, bauxite, chromium, coal, iron ore, kyanite, manganese ore, mica(sheet), steel, talc, and zinc (Ministry of Mines, 2010, p.152-155).

Minerals play an important role...
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