Topics: Working class, Middle class, Outsourcing Pages: 4 (1021 words) Published: August 4, 2015
Cynthia Segura
Ms. Williams
English 1C
July 20, 2015
Outsourcing Destroys Middle Class
Picture this: your company is doing well but you realize that the cost of materials and employees, here in America, is costing your company too much money and the profit you are getting is minimal. You decide the best thing for your company is outsourcing. As a company owner your main concern lies in the interest of the company, not the effects it will have on America’s wealth. You want your company to succeed by increasing your profits; therefore, you want costs of materials and employees to be low. This plan will ultimately make you richer.

“Outsourcing means just what it says going ‘out’ to find the ‘source’ of what you need.” Companies want business to be easy, with minimal stress for greater productivity. Outsourcing helps companies increase their profits, mainly by sustaining employee’s salaries and benefits low. Companies do not think outsourcing is a bad idea because they benefit from it, but sadly they do not realize the effect it is having on America’s wealth. Companies decided on outsourcing services because they are able to do the same amount of work for far less money. Furthermore, by outsourcing, companies do not have to provide benefits to their employees, which lead to fewer overhead expenses to worry about.

“If the company had grown to such an extent that it needs a bigger office, outsourcing the functions of the projected new additional staff is cheaper.” Outsourcing might be great for companies if they want to expand their services. It is a cost effective way to start building foundations in other countries, give overseas jobs to people and pay them less. These companies are expanding by outsourcing, providing overseas people with employment, but what about America? People here in America need jobs. Due to outsourcing, there are fewer jobs every year and it is harder for people to find good paying employment. Here in America the rich are...

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