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Answer to the Question no (01)
‘Hours versus ours’ is a phrase which is frequently used in Restaurant business. Though it is difficult to find out the actual meaning of the phrase but it is closely related to timely serving capability of an organization. Restaurants companies use this slogan with a view to ensuring that they are committed to the customers to provide the ordered food with the shortest possible time. This slogan mainly uses for the advertisement purpose of a firm to attract the customers. So we can tell that ‘Hours versus Ours’ means that the service is always ready for the customer to serve. Answer to the Question no (02)

There are a lot of advantages of outsourcing in Restaurant business. The key advantages are- 1. Improve efficiency: Improving efficiency is the main advantage of restaurant business. There is no time needed to manufacture the products, and they are always at hand in their depots, thereby improving efficiency. 2. Cost saving: Cost savings, including cost re-structuring is one of the big advantages of outsourcing for restaurant business. Organizations become successful when they are able to minimize costs, and outsourcing provides this advantage. 3. Improve Productivity: Through outsourching we can improve the productivity of our firm though sometime it is not applicable for restaurant business. This productivity is increased because the services can be done in different locations with time zones. 4. Greater Expertise: Another big advantage for the restaurant business. By outsourcing, companies are able to pick the pools of expertise as a result they can find sustainable sources of skills. This method is also helpful to avoid the time-consuming process of training to develop the particular product or services. Answer to the Question no (03)

Behind the advantages, there are some disadvantages of outsourcing in restaurant business. These are- 1. Unemployment: Most of the labor unions argue that outsourcing harms a local...
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