Outsource Uat Testing

Topics: Scenario planning, Management consulting, Value added Pages: 3 (553 words) Published: December 15, 2008
1.1.1.Key Users2
1.1.2.End Users2
1.3.Added valule of external consultant3
1.3.1.Intuitive Testing3
1.3.2.Shortened UAT cycles3


UAT is a critical success factor of the implementation project. UAT normally gets lesser attention considering the efforts invested in phases prior to UAT leading to severe breakages on Go Live.

Involvement of qualified and experienced external consultants during UAT to bring in expertise and objective vision can add value to the implementation.

There are a number of potential problems that can be faced when executing UAT projects on third party software. This document will highlight some of these issues and examine how these problems can be overcome by outsourcing the UAT process to the software vendor

1 Personnel

1 Key Users

Complete participation of Key Users who operate at transactional decision making level is an important factor. Often the implementation is an additional responsibility in addition to the Business / Administrative responsibilities assigned to the key users.

Owing to Business exigencies attention from the implementation may come down sporadically leading the Key Users to pass the UAT easily leading to missing business scenario testing.

Involvement of experienced external consultants to participate in the UAT to support Key Users will add value in terms of complete test coverage.

2 End Users

For reasons detailed in 1.1.1, Key Users may be tempted to involve their next level employees who are real end users to execute the test scenarios intended to be executed by the Key Users.

The End Users are normally involved at transactional level and can execute the Business Scenarios based on the test data directed in the Business Scenarios. This leads to vision gaps where the testers failing to realize the future dimension of business and possible diversions in the documented...
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