Outside Speech Assignment

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Outside Speech Assignment #1
On September 16, 2011, I attended a training session/lunch and learn for Valley Regional Imaging. They came to me job to show the new computer technology that we will soon have access to from our clinic. Instead of them faxing us results, we would be able to go on the computer and see our own results. The meeting was held in one of our board rooms. The room was dimly lit with a huge projection screen in the middle. The table was huge with big comfy leather chairs surrounding in. The board room was away from normal patient activity so it was very quiet. The room was actually very cold so I had to leave and get my jacket.

Once the meeting was underway and everyone had their lunches in front of them, everyone was enjoying their food, but yet very attentive to hat the speaker was saying. With everyone eating, that made the room quiet and I was able to everything the speaker had to say. She used a power point presentation and gave a demonstration of the new software we will be using. The only problem that I saw was that there was not enough room on the table for people to take notes and most people seemed more interested in the food.

The speaker came in very well dressed and very well spoken. She was able to keep my attention and did a very good job with her presentation. She seemed very knowledgeable about the product and was able to answer all the questions we may have had.

I believe that the food was a bit of a distraction. It can hinder the listener’s attentiveness to the speaker and keeps people from taking notes. •The speaker was Lindsey Fleming from Valley Regional Imaging. I knew that she was delivering information that would give us easy access to patient information. •Valley Regional Imaging Computer Access and Training

The speaking occasion was to inform the Health Department of new technology. •Her great delivery and knowledge of the information is what drew me in. My purpose in listening to...
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