Outside Essay 1 Final

Topics: University, Higher education, Education Pages: 3 (675 words) Published: March 2, 2015
Melissa Munoz
English 99
19 January 2015
Outside Essay #1
What’s Your Degree Worth?
In “Not All College Majors Are Created Equal,” Michelle Singletary tells the reader that people go to college with their majors in mind but don’t have a clue about what actual jobs are available to them according to their education and on the job training level if any. She says students spend 4 to 6 years just studying for a certain major and not knowing what job would even accept the degree, and resulting in students having huge amounts of loan for a degree that never helped. Singletary also explains how a college education is not necessarily investing in a student’s future if they’re taking out huge loans or not finding out which fields are creating good paying jobs now. I do agree with what Michelle Singletary says about how some students waste their time and money on college. I also agree that college is worth attending, but only if you’re not left with uncertainty. Singletary argues that most college students are wasting their time on majors that aren’t getting them job opportunities or just don’t have a clue on what they can do with their degree, and so it becomes useless. Singletary says “Many aren’t getting on-the-job training while they are in school or during their semester or summer breaks. As a result, questions about employment opportunities or what type of job they have the skills to attain are met with blank stares” (Singletary 255). I do believe that we as students spend most of our time with our heads in a book or memorizing words for that big test and forgetting them right after. All of that doesn’t necessarily benefit us all that much for the real world because all we know how to do is read out of a book, but lack the most important gaining experience and skills. When a college student is just going to college for the experience and doesn’t have the slightest clue what they want to pursue as a career, it could really hurt their wallets or their...
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