Outrage at Eastern

Topics: Management, English-language films, Decision making Pages: 3 (1205 words) Published: October 7, 2010
Case Study :Outrage at Eastern

Many pivotal managerial principles and practices are exemplified in the Case Study, Outrage at Eastern. In this particular story a manager, Charles Jackson, is faced with many difficult decisions regarding problems concerning one of his workers at Eastern Plating. One of Jackson’s workers named Marty Reid is accused of molestation of his stepdaughter. His allegations are made public in a recent writing in the “Evening Beacon”, the daily paper of the 10,000 town’s population. Reid also has his wife going against him as well, which automatically makes him guilty to the majority of the town. When Jackson reads the paper he immediately understands what he might be faced with in the next upcoming days of work. However he has not made up his mind with what to do with Reid and his future in the company. Jackson takes the necessary steps and evaluates the situation, covering all bases, before coming to a decision or making judgments. Jackson finds himself faced with a dilemma. He could fire Marty Reid and keep many employees happy and motivated, or he could wait until the trial comes to a decision. However if Jackson waits for the trial to come to a decision, Marty could be hurt in the meantime by one of his workers. Jackson is also faced with a lot of pressure from the entire company while they eagerly wait for him to make up his mind. Jackson has no choice but to deal with the situation and come up with a decision. An incident like this can never be good for a company. It will cause distractions in the factory as well as bad press within the town. No other companies will prefer to do business with a company that has an issue of this proportion going on within the walls. Something like this can definitely be a problem with sales and production. This is one of the reason for which Jackson must make up his mind. If Jackson chooses to ignore the situation then many bad things can also happen. By doing so he would risk the...
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