Outputs of the Order Process

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1. The outputs of the order process are reports of credit holds, customer invoice when product is delivered and paid for, processing the product order, inventory check (product availability), shipping instructions, and reports of back orders. The Diagram:

The diagram starts off with one of the business processes called sales. A customer faxes, mails or calls in an order to the company. The order is taken down by a representative who manually takes down mandatory information required for the order on an order pad, such as: customer name, customer identification number shipping/billing address, product number, product description, quantity, and shipping instructions. All customer information that is taken down is required to process the order. The representative accesses the firm’s order entry system and checks the inventory and location for each product that is ordered. The representative will access the company’s entry system and check the inventory for each product ordered. While taking down the information, the representative checks the availability of the product to the warehouse nearest to the customers shipping address. If the product is not available at the closest warehouse, a check is done for the next closest warehouse to find the product. While searching for availability, a credit check is performed before each order by the Accounting department. If the credit is approved, an invoice will be generated by Accounting and the Sales department will get the okay to process the order, pending the delivery date. If denied, the customer will have a credit hold status and will be contacted regarding it. The credit hold will be forwarded to the credit department and the customer service representative will receive a daily report on orders placed on credit hold. The product will not be shipped, until payment is received. When payment is received by Accounting, the order is processed and the delivery date is then communicated, pending warehouse availability.

Once this process is done, a delivery date is determined by the representative. If the order is processed via phone only, the representative communicates with the customer when the product will be delivered and shipped. Once the product availability is confirmed the warehouse will check the availability, find the product, get the product off the shelf, and type it into the system to show the product has been shipped and needs to be restocked. Essentially, the sales businesses processes are repeated over throughout the order process.

It appears as though the business processes are all affected influenced by sales, due to sales taking an increasing role in the manufacturing and accounting processes.

The representative suggests a delivery date of four to five business days. If the customer would prefer an earlier delivery, the representative checks the order entry system to see the warehouse nearest in location to the customer shipping address. This check appears to be redundant as orders are generally delivered from the nearest location to the customer.

Orders which written by hand on an order pad are collected together and put manually into the order entry system. The order entry system rejects orders with missing information. Some orders are not immediately put into the system depending on their delivery date. The system performs a credit check on the customers. Customers are separated and treated differently based on the health of their credit. A report is generated and sent daily to the Credit Department and representatives.

The firm also faces a problem due to lack of standards. Different business units use different identification systems for the same products.

2. The areas of the business processes outside of the order process are marketing and human resources. With no information systems human resources ability to hire other employees will be diminished due to the fact that they...
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