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The NY Soda Ban can be viewed in many different ways with many different understandings. Some people view the Soda Ban as a good thing, while others see it as just another restriction.

Body Part I
II.State your claim
a. The NYC Soda ban is not as bad as it may seem, and in fact it may prove to be a good thing; it shows the public that the soda ban was implemented for a better cause III.Point A
A.Make your first point
a. The soda ban can help save the lives of obese people by preventing them from doing more harm to their bodies B.Support your first point
a. Not allowing people to buy ginormous sodas will help reduce the amount of sugar and harmful materials put into a humans body

IV.Counterpoint A
A.Present first counterpoint
a. The NYC Soda ban is a bad idea, and wouldn’t be in the best favor of the people; they think the soda ban is only trying to limit the citizen’s freedom. B.Support first counterpoint
a. Instead of thinking of the healthy benefits of the soda ban, people will only think of being controlled more and forced to do more things.

V.Rebuttal A
A.State first rebuttal point
a. Some may view this ban in different ways. Some people think about the health benefits. Some people think about the government restricting us more. Others just think that they can get around the ban by spending more money and buying two sodas.

a. No matter what there is going to be different sides and views of the soda ban. Whether you believe it is for the betterment of our country or only trying to control the people more, the soda ban is real and is a part of this country.
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