Outline the Relevance of the Family Life Cycle in Today's Contemporary Society.

Topics: Family, Nuclear family, Marriage Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: May 5, 2007
Applying mostly to the nuclear family structure, the Family Life Cycle is less relevant to today's society than it was a few decades ago. However, it still retains some importance, with currently 79.6% of all families with children under 15 being couple families – this clearly highlights a significant proportion of nuclear families still present in society. The Cycle, throughout the lifetimes of the family members, consistently has impact on their well-being, whether positive or negative, and assists in developing their resilience, experience etc.

Beginning with the intention of establishing a permanent "family" relationship, the Cycle then progresses onto the Beginning Stage, a time of learning to live together, and goal setting etc. This may occur when the couple get married and move in together, and is a time that has much impact on different areas of the member's well-being. While their socioemotional well-being would probably be boosted through having found a life partner and gaining a new sense of belonging, their economic well-being would be likely to suffer with the purchase of a house to live in. However, in today's society, many couples choose to live together in a de facto relationship before getting married, so the latter may not be an issue for them. The Cycle progresses through milestones in the lives of the family members with events such as giving birth to a child, and that child starting primary school etc. Though, it is still possible for even the childless family structure [a developing trend in contemporary society] to experience this, through the births of nieces and nephews, or even the children of close friends. Progression continues, and well-being is continually altered. For example, by the time the family's last child leaves home, the couple would face a slight amount of stress on their socioemotional well-being due to contact with their sons or daughters bring lessened. This can also be a time of economic and physical well-being...
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