Outline some of the reasons sub-cultures exsist

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Outline some of the reasons why subcultures exist in school
The definition of a subculture is a small culture within a large one and no matter where you look you will always find them within schools. Be it the "cool" kids or the "nerds" they always have and always will exist. But why do they do exists? Paul Willis (1997) a cultural theorist said that sub cultures exist within school due to opportunity. Those that have plenty of opportunity and are more focused on tend to create a subculture as well as those who are given little opportunity. Those that have more opportunity tend to have been placed within higher streams and therefore tend to be committed to the values of the school and achieve status through academic success. Therefore these pupils are focused on and create what's called a pro-school subculture. Those that are placed in lower streams are those of who are generally naughty and easily distracted etc so therefore are not focused on and create what's called the anti-school subculture. Hargreaves (1973) said that subcultures exist due to negative labelling. Those of who are labelled as smart or nerdy tend to stick together forming a subculture. This is the same as those of who are naughty. This idea of negative labelling also relates to self-fulfilling prophecy. This is when a child is constantly labelled as clever or stupid etc and they begin to become the label they are given. This then creates subcultures as those with the same label stick together. Sewell stated another reason subcultures exist particularly for black Caribbean boys is because they use it as a defence mechanism. Due to their ethnicity these boys tend to be treated and punished more harshly than other ethnicities and because of this (as well as racism) these boys form a subculture in which they can protect each other in. Another reason subcultures exist is due to the change in attitude towards education. Education is now seen as very girly so therefore as Debbie Epstein (1998)...
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