Outline: Police and Criminal Investigator Specific

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Public Speaking Outline

Topic: My Future Career Becoming a Criminal Investigator
Specific Purpose: I love to solve mysterious, and investing in finding answers.

Attention Material: Reasons for wanting to become a Criminal Investigator, what motivated me in wanting to be in the Criminal Justice System.

Thesis Statements: What is a Criminal Investigator, what are the duties, do you have to go to school, if you do what classes are required and what kind of degree would you need?

Preview: First, I will discuss what a Criminal Investigator is, and what are their duties. Next, I will explain why I chose this career; Finally, I will explain why I need this class for my career.

(Transition to body of speech)


First Main Point: Explaining if my career needs any type of education requirements. Subpoint: This job requires a high school diploma which the minimum. You can go to college to get a degree which will look good on a application. Sub-subpoint: Not every Investigator went to college to be in the Law Enforcement field. Sub-subpoint: Two men I know who are in Law Enforcement Smith and Fennell one is an Investigator and the other is a Sheriff.

(Transition to body of speech)

Second Main Point: Explaining how would this Public Speaking Class help me with my career? Sub-subpoint: This class can help me in my career by knowing how to talk to coworkers and the victim’s family member by finding out information. Sub-subpoint: Having this class will help with eye contact Sub-subpoint: Knowing how to talk with people when concerning a crime.

(Transition to body of speech)

Third Main Point: Explaining what type of classes I will need for my career. Sub-subpoint: The type of classes I would need for my career is Biology, Chemistry, Math, and English. These are the main classes I will need. Sub-subpoint: Mostly Biology and Chemistry will be the two most important, because I would be gathering DNA and...
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