Outline on Police Brutality Speech and Rodney King Beating

Topics: Rodney King, Introduction, Police brutality Pages: 4 (647 words) Published: November 26, 2013

Running head: MOSS

Rodney King Incident

Speech Topic: Police Brutality

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the Rodney King Incident

Central Idea: Rodney King Incident and how it changed society


A. Attention Getter: Have you ever been accused of something that you did not do or had nothing to do with?

B. Reveal Topic: The Rodney King Incident in March of 1991

C. Establish Credibility:

D. Introduce Main Points: (Minimum 2 Maximum 3 Main Points)
1) Before the incident occurred
2) The actual incident


A. Main Points One: Before the Rodney King beating.
Sub point 1-1: Rodney King speeding on highway.
Detail 1: The day of the incident King was released from prison for second degree robbery.
Detail 2: In a California Patrol Car, a husband and wife team, noticed a white Hyundai speeding on the highway going 110-115 mph, and reported it to the police headquarters.
Sub point 1-2: Call received by headquarters.
Detail 1: During the chase on King, the police had already called in a helicopter to go on patrol, and 15 officers on the chase.
Detail 2: King pulls over noticing that there are cop cars surrounding his car, along with the helicopter.
Sub point 1-3:
Detail 1:
Detail 2:

TRANSITION: Now that I have talked about what happened before the incident happened, I will now talk about the actual incident.

B. Main Points Two: The incident
Sub point 2-1: King gets out of his car.
Detail 1: King is told to lie on his stomach immediately.
Detail 2: While King lies on his stomach he is handcuffed and tazzed, while being surrounded by a total of 15 cops.
Sub point 2-2: King is cuffed.
Detail 1: While King is cuffed, he is brutally beaten by a total of 4 cops, beating King with batons.
Detail 2: King was cuffed and put into a police car after being beaten for 9 minutes straight…
Sub point 2-3:
Detail 1:...

References: (1991)The Oregonian By: Linda Deutsch http://prop1.org/legal/prisons/kinga2.htm
SPEECH 100—Public Speaking
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