Outline of Philosopher Kings

Topics: Philosophy, Logic, Epistemology Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: March 9, 2011
Ashley Van Laethem
Introduction to Philiophy
Writing Assignment #1
10 Februrary 2011

Thesis: Plato’s statement “Until philosophers rules as kings or those who are now called kings and leading men…philosophize….cities will have no rest from evils,” is untrue.

I. Argument
a. The majoriy of citizens see philosphers as deceptive.
i. Socates appeared more decptive than just to the citizens of the city and looked down on the “lovers of sights” because they have no true knowledge. ii. Citizens are not willing to live under a ruler that appears deceptive and looks down on his own people. b. Great kings are men who know the particulars of his people rather than believing only the universals of human beings i. Philopshers believe in the Forms and relate them to everything around them, but the Forms are only universal thoughts of one verses many. ii. When kings know what is important to the citizens, such as religion, food, land, and day to day experiences, they can better rule because they know the particulars of the citizens rather than just the Form they thiny they should be ruling by. c. Ruling with reasonand priori knowledge is not the best way to rule the public because the public is always changing. i. Although reason may be more accurate philipohers believe reason and reality are unchanging and will always stay constant, but the true reality of the citizens changes daily and shifts based on what is important any given day. ii. All cities are not the same, they change depending on where they are located, what langue they speak, and even in the way they dress. A philipoher king will treat all cities and citizens the same, but they are not. iii. A king that is a “lover of sights” will be able to see his public and feel what is important to his people. He will know the experiences of his people and through that he will know his own people and be better fit to rule them.
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