Outline: Lung Cancer and Banning Public Smoking

Topics: Lung cancer, Smoking, Tobacco smoking Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: April 4, 2013

Thesis: Research shows that smoking in public areas has a negative effect on people.

I. 126 million non smokers are exposed to second hand smoke.
A. Only smoke free buildings and public places truly protect nonsmokers from the hazards of breathing in other people’s tobacco smoke
B. Second hand smoke can create dangerous health hazards.
C. Fourteen states have passed what are considered comprehensive smoke-free workplace laws, those that include restaurants and bars. II. A disadvantage a smoker can have is there choice to smoke be taken away from them by location.

A. Smokers decide to put their self in an unhealthy situation.
1. Smoking tobacco is legal.
2. it’s the person making the decision to smoke choice.
B. Banning smoking will cut out a lot of businesses
1. Bars and restaurants etc; smokers wouldn’t go to these places is smoking is banned.
2. Locations that allow smoking are usually businesses that allow people with few skills and little work, without them how will that category survive. III. The Non Smokers benefit from making local places “Smoke Free”

A. No Health Hazards
1. Asthma can be triggered.
2. Also create second hand which is just as worse.
B. Eliminates Passive Smoking (second hand)
1. Smokers chose to smoke but passers nearby do not.
2. People should only be exposed to harm if they understand the risks and choose to accept them. IV. However there is another way smokers that choose to smoke have a disadvantage on their self made choice.

A. Banning smoking in public will encourage more smoking at home.
1. Cause more harm to the house hold, more particular children.
2. Children are not old enough to choose freely to smoke passively.
B. people smoking at home may drink more alcohol than they would if they went to a bar only because it is cheaper. V. Banning public smoking not only avoids serious health problems to the non smokers but it could possibly decrease the death of the smokers....
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