Outline how changing external influences affect organizations

Topics: App Store, Social influence, Firm Pages: 3 (1200 words) Published: March 30, 2014
This report consists of analysis of three different new articles of indicating firms with different issues which have been affected by different external influences and what impact on the firm and the activates which they are involved in. External influences are something which a firm has to think about as it can cause considerable changes to the firm. How the firm changes depends on the business the firm is involved and by what type of influence it is being affected by. External influences can be filtered through four different contextual influences which are known as political, economical, social and technological. The political influence can be something as a government passing new laws which can affect a firm and how it runs. The economical influence can include something such as changes in rates or inflation. Social influence is a matter of when people start to change their views and this can affect firms and business in a different ways such as a consumer trends. Technological influence could be something as new technology being introduced to the firm, the firm has to adapt to this new technology for it to develop or when it cannot adapt to the new technology which has been introduced and the firm start find hard to operate with new technology. These articles which have been analysed using the PESTEL technique, this technique has been used because it is very simple and on the other hand it is very affective to use this technique allows you to look at a firms external issues more in depth and gives you a better understanding. Samsung Galaxy Tab 'does not copy Apple's iPad designs

Apple and Samsung being two of the biggest titans in the electronics market therefore this causes these two companies to be two of the biggest rivals in the market. The first article shows that the court ruled against Apples favour stating that Samsung did not copy Apple’s I-Pad designs in building its Samsung Galaxy tab. Also that apple has to publicise that the two...

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