Outline Format for Eveline

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Outline Format

Introduction and Thesis Statement
Type of introduction:

In "Eveline", by James Joyce the main character Eveline Hill goes through a change marked by a flashback to her childhood, then becomes an unsteady adult, and goes through a healthy relationship while being unsure of herself. You can see the development of her character through the personification of objects around her, her interaction with others, and transitional words and periods, which all reveal that in fact, she is just a scared child at heart who is unsure of how to live normally. Thesis Statement:

Write out the first developmental paragraph topic sentence. Eveline's interactions with her mother are what shapes her as a young adult. She is affected by the fact that no one in her community respected her mother because everyone knew the abusive nature of her parents relationship. Identify the support. This should be a detail that the paragraph will discuss. Mention any additional detail about “A.”

Not only has the community lost respect for her, but so has Eveline. She is afraid of becoming her mother and this is shown when she gets into the relationship with Frank. She cannot trust that he won't abuse her, just like her dad did to her mom. If necessary, mention a detail that supports “1.” above. She is unsure of whether or not to leave her childhood home, because she looks to her mother as an example, and her mother never left, she endured it until the end. Eveline wants to follow a path that will make her happy, but is held back by her past and the expectations she has of herself.

If appropriate, mention another detail about “A.”
Write out the next topic sentence
Evelin is in healthy relationship but is unsure that she wants to be with frank. Support
In third person perspective it says if she went tomorrow she would be on sea with Frank Detail if necessary
The 3rd person is stating that the third person sees that she is doubting about going with him...
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