Outline For A Speech

Topics: Sperm whale / Pages: 2 (392 words) / Published: Mar 23rd, 2015
Outline for a speech
Sperm Whales
October 8th, 2014
I. Introduction
A. The Picture on slide 2: Artists rendition of the story Moby Dick. Give a quick synopsis of Moby Dick (Albino Sperm Whale).
B. Moby was seen as evil. Most sperm whales were seen as evil for decades because of their huge size and teeth. It has been recently learned that sperm whales are not dangerous to humans, so today I will be enlightening you about the sperm whale.
C. In this speech I will describe the anatomy of a sperm whale, inform you of important sperm whale by-products, and tell you some interesting facts about sperm whales. II. First Main Point: The Anatomy of a sperm whale.
A. List Body Parts
1. Blowhole
a) Give a few facts: Located on the left rather than top.
2. Brain
a) Give a few facts: Largest Brain in the world; 17lbs-20lbs
3. Eyes
a.) Give a few facts: very small. The can protrude and retract eyes.
4. Melon
a.) Give a few facts: sperm oil separated by walls of cartilage
5. Phonic Lips
a.) Give a few facts: most tooth whales have 2, sperm whales only have 1: echolocation by clicks
6. Spermaceti
a.) Give a few facts: Like melon talk about possible uses buoyance, ram, echolocation
Malcolm R. Clarke Marine Biological Association
7. Teeth
a.) Give a few facts: 18-26 cone shaped only at the bottom; determine whales age
III. Second Main Point: Sperm Whale By-products
1. List Products and usage
a) Sperm Whale oil/wax
(1) Insecticides

(2) Ointments/ Cosmetics


(4)Lighting lamps

b) Ambergris (1) Perfume (2) Medicinal: aphrodisiac

IV. Main Point 3: Interesting facts

A. Giant Squids
1. Tell cool squid story with photo

B. Sleep 1. Vertical sleep, 12 minutes 6-midnight

C. adopt other animals

1. 2011 a pod of sperm whales adopted a bottlenose dolphin born with a deformed s shape spine. Alexander Wilson, Aquatic Mammals.
V. Conclusion
A. Well with all this being said, I hope everyone has gained some knowledge about sperm whales. Whether it

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