Outline for Organizational Behavior

Topics: Decision making, Organizational studies and human resource management, Group dynamics Pages: 6 (675 words) Published: August 27, 2013
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|Course Code |HRM-302 |Title |Organizational Behavior | |Credit Hours |3 |Semester |Spring 2013 | | |The focus of the course is to analyze complex situations arising in diverse set of organizations and proposing solutions| |Course |regarding any issue related to individual and group behavior within organization that can increase productivity of | |Objective |organizations. Students will be able to learn to analyze individuals’, groups’, and organizational structure factors and| | |establish relationship of those factors with major dependent variables of OB. | | |The emphasis will be on leadership, change management, team development and continuous improvement practices and | | |experiences. Topics include management, leadership, change, team development, dynamics and teamwork and transforming | | |business processes. | | |Some of the major objectives of the course are: | | |Understand the framework and fundamentals of organizational behavior as the foundation for building and sustaining high | | |performance and effectiveness. | | |Focus on "best practice" leading and managing methods as critical success factors for continuous individual and group | | |high performance. | | |Demonstrate the ability to analyze and apply critical thinking and learning skills related to "real life" problems and | | |situations. | | |Identify and apply structures, processes and methods that can improve individual and group performance and business | | |effectiveness. | | |Provide practical and useful guidelines to successfully lead and manage | |Instructor |SAQIB SHAHZAD | | |MS (HRM)- Mohmamad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad | | |MBA (HRM)- Mohmamad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad | | |Email: saqibshahzad26@gmail.com | |Recommended Book (s) |Organizational Behavior (13th ed) by Stephen Robbins, Timothy A. Judge and Seema Sanghi, 2009, Prentice Hall | |Reference Book (s) |Organizational Behavior: Improving Performance and Commitment in the workplace by Jason A. Colquitt, Jeffery A. LePine, | | |and Michael J. Wesson | | |...
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