Outline for Organ Donation Speech

Topics: Organ donation, Organ transplant, Legal death Pages: 4 (1006 words) Published: April 29, 2012
Student Name: ashley singer
Speech Type: Persuasive
Organ Donation
Organization Type: Comparative Advantages Pattern
Attention Getter Type: Story, Quotation, or Poem
Conclusion Type: Summary
persuade my audience to give the gift of life and become organ donors. Introduction
I.I have always decided i wanted to dedicate my organs to others once i have oassed but it was not until January of this year i learned the true value behind organ donation.
II.Last January my brother was pronounced brain dead after slipping into a coma, he was a organ donor and i got to experience first hand the lives that were saved through his generosity.
III.According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services every 10 mintues another person in need is added to the Organ and Donor tansplant waiting list.
IV.Organ Donation is the gift of Life, Providing others in need with healthy organs and tissues. Thesis Statement
Becoming an organ donor is simple and can save the lives of many individuals needing help. Body
I.Registering to become a organ donor will save lives, giving the greatest gift of all: Life A.becoming an organ donor is a simple task everyone should take time to consider. A Single person has the opportunity to save up to 8 Lives. 1.Make the commitment and register:

Decide to be an organ and tissue donor
Sign up:
Your decision to be a donor may help to save or enhance over 50 lives. 2.Organ donation begins with a person who recognizes an opportunity to help others and saves or enhances the lives of several others. B.Why donate: Every 10 minutes someone has been added to the waiting list for a transplant. 79 people a day recieve organ transplants How You can Help:

1.Donate Life Florida: Non-Profit Org. Contracted by the State of Fl to create the states Organ, tissue and eye donor registry. Volunteer: assist with Educational programs, Public speaking, Staffing Information tables at DMV & Health Fairs Speak...

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Visual Aids
Visual Aid 1
• Type: Slide
• Goal: Seeing a picture provides the audience to better interpret and comprehend when i am presenting
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