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Do you think you can go a day of being incable of paying attention, hard time making friends, and prone to have tantrums. This is a everyday life for a person who has dyslexia. Many people think that whoever has dyslexia is mentally challenge, but I am here to enlighten you about dyslexia.

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Today we will talk about what is dyslexia, what causes it, what are the symptoms of dyslexia, and the strategies for dealing with it.


I. What is dyslexia and what are the causes?
A. The definition of dyslexia.
B. Theories of what is the cause of dyslexia.
Now that we talked about what is dyslexia and its cause let’s talk about the symptoms of dyslexia.
II. What are the symptoms of a dyslexic person?
A. The general symptoms of a dyslexic person.
B. Symptoms that are shown in pre-school aged children.
C. Symptoms that are shown in primary school children
Now that we have talked about the symptoms of dyslexia lets talked about the strategies for dealing with it.
III. The strategies of dealing with dyslexia.
A. Dyslexic people need to have a set time limit in order for them to do their homework.
B. Don’t let a dyslexic person read above their reading level; it will unmotivated them in wanting to do better.

C. Let the person do the basic written arithmetic.


In conclusion to talk about what is dyslexia, the cause, the symptoms, and the strategies of dealing with it. Many people stereotyped people with dyslexia. I hope after hearing of what you have heard you wouldn’t be one of those people that stereotyped them.
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